Skylight Netting System ($30.00 WEEKLY RENTAL)

$1,000.00 USD


• Quick and easy installation
• No tools required
• Must be tied off to a fall protection device prior to installation
• This Portable Skylight Netting System complies with OSHA 1910.23(a)(5), 1926.501(b)(1), ANSI Z359.1-07 & ANSI A10.32-12
• Each Kit includes: Netting with ratchet/strap, 2 snap hooks and carry bag

The Portable Skylight Netting Systems are made of high-impact 4" knot-less polypropylene materials. Skylight Netting from Tie Down is used during design builds, new construction, renovations, and maintenance roof work. The Skylight Netting System is designed to protect employee and personnel from falling though openings or hazards that are not properly secure with a hardcover or otherwise unprotected. The Tie Down Portable Skylight Netting fits over a standard skylight or hatch opening.

Professionally installed from $1,000.00 + $30.00 per skylight weekly rental.